Which gardening gloves?

Choose between four colors and five sizes when you see these Exemplary Gardens gardening gloves. Made of 100% natural goat grain, they guarantee puncture resistance, keeping it protected from scratches and slices. The rest of the gloves are made of 100% nylon, allowing for a sturdy construction that remains breathable and non-restrictive. Stay cool in a damp or dry environment and don't worry about losing grip, even if things get damp.

While gardening gloves are simple accessories, when it comes to protecting hands, they should be able to do the job without fail. Dimitri and Sara Gatanas, owners and operators of the Urban Garden Center in East Harlem, are big fans of these gloves, which have rubber-coated “smart threads” on three of their fingertips that allow you to use the phone. As one GardenWeb commenter writes, mud gloves “are great for repotting because you CAN really feel what you're doing. CaliKim likes these double-layer work gloves for heavy gardening, which she defines as “digging garden beds, digging holes for larger plants or trees, heavier pruning and more strenuous outdoor projects, because the double coating makes it easy to handle full-size garden tools, such as shovels, cultivators, pitchforks or hoes.

These winter gardening gloves have an elastic, tear-resistant thermal knit liner with a textured latex coating for a solid grip, even in the cold. Heavy gardening tasks, such as turning the soil in your garden or digging a hole to plant a bush, require sturdy gloves that you won't get through with the tip of a finger. Available in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large, these beautiful green cordless gloves from pine tree Tools are ideal for working in the garden all year round, at a more than economical price. For some people, one of the best parts of gardening is the wonderful feeling you get when you dip your hands in rich soil.

These garden gloves also feature a woven nylon cover that helps keep dirt and insects away, while adding breathability and dexterity. Spruce Contributor Theresa Holland is an experienced trade writer specializing in the home and garden. From the best grow lights (which you can use to grow plants and vegetables indoors) to the best gardening tools for beginners, we have what you need. Even so, Showa gardening gloves meet all the requirements: they are comfortable, offer superior grip and are ventilated to keep your hands free of sweat.

When you go outside to work in your yard or garden, the first gardening tool you look for is probably a sturdy pair of gloves. In general, whether you prefer to start growing at home, planning to pick some indoor plants, or take frequent walks in a local park is more your pace, nature has something to offer everyone. The classic West County glove, on the other hand, looks like a traditional loose garden glove, but with reinforced areas on the palm and fingertips and a velcro adjustment strap on the back of the wrist.