Envirocycle Mini Composter Composteamaker Review

The Envirocycle compost tumbler now has a miniature version available with some key improvements on the original.

This is ideal for households of 2 or less … it’s small! If you have lots of yard waste or you have much more than two people in your home, I would pass on this one for the larger Envirocycle model.

This tiny compost tumbler attracted customers searching for something that wouldn’t take up too much space. “I liked how it was compact, and you could roll it to the garden (or wherever) when you were all done. It’s also BPA-free, which is important to me because what’s the point of making your dirt if it’s full of chemicals? Plus, the smaller size is a lot easier for me to turn,” writes one experienced composter.

Another customer, who has owned this model for almost five years, says, “It is without a doubt the most valuable tool we use in our garden and on our extensive property. We mix in old coffee grounds and dirt, put it in the bottom of all of our plantings, trees and fauna alike, and what happens is this: Everything we plant is vibrant!

The cool thing is that our garbage will not smell, ever.” Many more reviewers mention that this composter doesn’t smell or attract bugs. As this one puts it, “I rent and didn’t want the landlord to see me attracting bugs or critters to the property or having yucky smells around. Most importantly, nothing to put together! Ready to go, right out of the box.”

-Made in the U.S.A/Canada out of BPA-free recycled plastic
-Improved deeper grips for easy turning
-AIR VENTS (SUPER improvement)
-Metal door latch keeps barrel tight (amazing improvement)
-Base collects leachate, which can be made into compost tea
-Ideal for small spaces

-It still doesn’t come in any other colors besides “earthy” tan… oh well.
-The plugs for the compost tea collection base are really tiny and hard to grip if you bite your fingernails.  I lost one on the first day of owning it.  However, you don’t need to move these around more than once…making me a complete klutz.


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