How to Clean Your Garden Gloves

garden glovesThere's nothing worse than having to put on a pair of grimy, sticky garden gloves encrusted with dried-on 'muck' when you're eager to get out in the garden on a fine sunny day. Not only does it feel unpleasant, you'll find your gardening gloves just don't last very long if they're not cleaned regularly.

Wear Them While You Wash Them!

Garden gloves come in a variety of materials which will all benefit from a wash with soap and water after each gardening session. A great way to give your gloves a good washing is to leave them on after you have finished your gardening chores. Pour a little detergent into the palm of each hand and scrub the gloves by vigorously rubbing your hands together. Rinse well in warm water until all soap is removed.

Remove the garden gloves, and lay flat to dry. For leather gloves, stretch the fingers slightly to re-shape. When dry, the gloves may be stiff, but this stiffness will disappear once you wear again.

In addition, canvas, cotton and leather garden gloves can be thrown in the washing machine for an occasional wash and dried at low temperature in the dryer or air-dried. Gloves with combination fabric and rubber should be air-dried rather than placed in the dryer.

Treat your garden gloves to a regular bath and you'll find they're easier to work with and they'll last much longer too!