Gardening Trends, Tools & Tips

New gardening trends bring innovations in garden tools,equipment and accessories—making the work of creating a successful and rewarding home garden more efficient, and often, less physically challenging. New designs and materials produce stronger, more durable tools that accomplish those tough gardening chores with a lot less stress and strain. If you keen to try the latest gardening trends such as creating a Living Wall or growing your salads in a container, then you'll need good garden tools and supplies to help you succeed.

Garden Tools and Supplies for Home Gardens of All Sizes

Whether you're gardening a rural acreage, a suburban home landscape or an urban container garden on your balcony...or maybe all three!'ll want to keep up-to-date on the best gardening tools and equipment available to keep your garden flourishing. Learn the basic tool set that's a must for every gardener to own.

Many merchants sell a range of basic to professional quality gardening tools and accessories, so as your experience and requirements in the garden increase, you will find higher grade, longer lasting tools and equipment to suit your gardening needs.

Ergonomic Garden Tools and Equipment

You will also find more focus is being placed on designing and manufacturing ergonomic garden tools and equipment which help to reduce the strength and flexibility required for many gardening chores. These tools have specially shaped handles and mechanisms to help reduce the strain on different parts of your body and are usually lighter in weight.

garden tools

Garden tools for all your home gardening activities.

Ergonomic garden tools ease the strain of gardening chores and pruners for all your pruning and cutting.

Browse garden tool organizers and storage.

garden equipment


No matter what size garden you tend, you need garden equipment to help get many of the chores done. Mini cultivators, sprayers, spreaders and more.

garden carts

A wide variety of sizes and styles from compact garden carts handy for carrying tools and supplies around your garden.

garden gloves

New materials in garden gloves are lightweight and comfortable to work in while they protect your hands or keep them warm dry and clean.

gardening books and magazines

Gardeners need lots of tips and information and most importantly inspiration! Browse gardening books and gardening magazines.